São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, is the capital city of the state of São Paulo in Brazil.

As a state, São Paulo is the economic heart of the country, responsible for more than a third of national GDP and approximately 40% of industrial output. São Paulo is also Brazil's most cosmopolitan city; possessing top-rate nightlife and restaurants as well as impressive cultural and arts scenes. During the 19th century, an economic boom brought immigrants from all over the world to São Paulo, providing it with a unique international flavor that is still prevalent today.

Why São Paulo?

São Paulo continues to be the most important business hub in Latin America and one of the world’s preeminent economic centers. Having historically been characterized by its industrialization, the city is now reinventing itself in the services sector — providing an interesting case study in economic transition. The sheer size of this market continues to be a major attraction for multinational companies, resulting in a broad range of opportunities for site visits in a variety of industries.

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