Montevideo, Uruguay

Located in the southeastern region of Latin America, Uruguay has emerged as one of the most stable and transparent countries in South America in the past decade.

Nearly one-third of the 3.4 million Uruguayans live in the sprawling capital city of Montevideo, situated a mere 140 miles east of Buenos Aires. Montevideo is the political, economic, and cultural center of Uruguay. A two-hour drive west from Montevideo along the Gold Coast lies the elegant Punta del Este, perhaps the most famous resort town in South America. It is one of the many beach towns spread throughout Uruguay’s 300 miles of stunning sandy beaches.

Why Montevideo?

Despite facing a major economic crisis in 2002, the Uruguayan economy has rebounded well with mild growth in 2003 and has grown consistently since then. Montevideo is also considered one of Latin America’s primary outsourcing hubs as evidenced by the emergence of Zonamerica, a business and technology park that houses 8,000 employees from over 300 international companies within its 230-acre park and which accounts for over 3% of Uruguay’s GDP. The concentration of both Uruguayan and multinational companies in Montevideo provides an opportunity to gain a unique global perspective of this small, dynamic Latin American country.

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